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Christmas Cards '10

Around for the second year! I will be sending out personalised Christmas cards again this year.

So please comment with your details below. All comments will be screened.

Although this is not required at all, if you put your email address into your comment, I will email you my address in return.
Wow, I'm so bad. I haven't written in forever~

So lots has been happening. During my Uni break, Mike came to visit me for two weeks and I stayed with him in an apartment in the City. We watched lots of things together: I finally watched Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI (he doesn't acknowledge the other three) and Up! I showed him highlights from SYTYCD AU since he's a big fan of the show too, first episode of White Collar which he loved, first episode of Burn Notice, first episode of Flash Forward. We also watched random stuff like half of season 2 of United States of Tara. Played through the first 17 rounds of Portal which was a lot of fun (;o; I had to incinerate...companion cube...;o;). Mike taught me the card game BANG! which I picked up pretty quickly. We played it a bit with girls, a bit with Ruu and a ton with just us two. I want to get a pack of the cards myself! Hopefully he'll visit me again next year!

Uni marks were good though not as high as I wanted, but really pretty fair considering being sick before exams and just not being a good exam person in general. Credits for all subjects bar Programming which I got a Distinction for, bitter about that too, was only a coupel of marks off the High Distinction but oh well.

This semester I'm taking 3D Design and Visualisation, Network and Data Communication, Databases and Website Authoring. Networks is probably my fear subject this semester, I like the theory of it but I do not like the math/physics part of it ;o; 3D has been actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be. We have been using Autodesk Maya 2010, and yeah it's been pretty cool. Databases is not what I thought it would be, it's harder and more complicated than I thought but so far it's alright. Website Authoring is awesome fun. I've missed making websites, it's something I've always enjoyed. It's funny how nearly everything I learnt previously about website building is all wrong now as it was presentational html (so 90s, early 2000s). Enjoying CSS thoroughly.

I've been watching lots of stuff since I last wrote. Still enjoying Burn Notice. Community rocks so much. Abed's ending monologue as Batman is still my favourite moment. I was really sad in this season's Deadliest Catch when Phil Harris passed away, he's probably one of my favourite people on the show. Disappointed that Gravity has been cancelled ;o; I really liked the show, it ended so abruptly. Was really happy with the MasterChef winner, was upset when Jonathan left, was shocked when Marion got booted. Project Runway this season has been alright so far ;o. Starting to get into Parks and Recreation and Modern Family. Persons Unknown was pretty amazing, a couple of eposides lapsed a litle when you started to see some of the behind the scenes stuff with The Program as a big part of the reason why I love the show is the unknown, the creepiness, the mystery. Was happy with So You Think You Can Dance this season! Few sad moments, but some of the most amazing dances.

Not playing too much WoW nowadays, druid is up to level 74. Mayoukoneko is sitting on 10,195 achievement points, with 113 mounts and 118 pets. My guild still hasn't quite knocked over Heroic Lich King so I haven't been able to squeeze in and try to get my ICC 25 drake. ;(

I need to get back into reading. I want to read through The Dresdin Files books, and then The Sword of Truth. I still have to read the Warcraft books too @_@

At the moment I'm really digging Florence + the Machine. God she's insanely beautiful, her music is divine. Can't believe I just missed her tour. I will have to catch her next time. Other than that, Mike made me a Mix CD (hehe he made me a mix tape!) which has some gorgeous music on it. Highlights in particular to Comin' Home by City and Color (Dallas Green you're a legend!), The Grace by Neverending White Lights featuring Dallas Green (yay more Dallas Green!), Porno Star Trek by U.S.S. and of course Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Oh yes, and check this out. He plays it all by himself, so brilliant!

so tired ;o; I'll write more another time~!

Jun. 18th, 2010

Argh falling into bad habits again. Really should try to post more diligently.

I've had an amazingly relaxing week to repay for the stressful end of semester. Let's recount some Uni "fun" to you guys.

After a fairly good semester, I fell rather sick which made me lax with a few lectures and I missed a tutorial for each IT in Organisations, Computer Systems and a studio for VisCom. Only one sickie for a full semester is not too bad though >_o

Computer Systems actually wasn't so BS in the latter half of the semester. A lot of theory and memorisation and basic Math rather than binary annoying Math. Marks so far for Systems are Unit tests: Credit, Distinction, High Distinction, High Distinction and Credit for Mid Semester.

Computer Programming has been really awesome over this semester. I couldn't have done it without the help from Mizuki <3 But yup, loving the coding, glad to have a break until next year from it but looking forward to it at the same time. My main issue with Programming is all my assignments were to do with the World Cup, so way before the World Cup had even started, I had lost complete interest in it, which is kinda sad since I don't mind watching soccer. High Distinction for Assignments 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Mid Semester Test.

IT in Organisations gave me soooo much grief. Assignment 2 was done in groups and my group was so not productive. I assigned myself as the project manager immediately and to agreed to set up meetings and take minutes for said meetings, divide the work etc. I was grouped with a quiet guy named Michael and a guy I got on with fairly well from a few of my other classes, Matt. Michael disappeared off the face of the planet for a couple of weeks, which prompted me to tell our tutor Ambica early that he wasn't around and that I was happy to continue working with just Matt and I. With barely two weeks until Assignment 2 is due, Michael reappears, seemingly from Ambica's email prompting him to return to class but at this point Matt is sick and is out of commission for the next week or so. Sensibly, we ask for an extension early and Ambica and our Unit leader agree with no hesitation for us to hand it in a week after the current due date.

Now I like to see the good in people, I wanted to give the guys a chance to give me work. There was a group component for the assignment which was a business report, but also an individual where each person in the group reflects on the communication and team work within the team. On top of that Assignment 3 was now released which was an oral presentation presenting our findings from the business report in our groups. I said to the guys I didn't really mind if I had to pull more than my weight but I needed work from them for me to give them credit. Now I'm already feeling stressed out and lethargic by this point of the semester but a week before it's due, I get hit pretty hard with the cold (when I had my days off class). I do as much of the assignment as I can and am pleasantly surprised that Michael actually comes through and sends me some dot points covering his area of the assignment but the rest is left to me to write up. After forcing myself to keep up the night before its due to write up as much of it as I can, I wrote Ambica another email out of frustration saying that I was annoyed I would not be handing in an assignment to my standards to her. She writes back giving me till the end of the week to hand in the report though our presentation will still happen during the week. I was really surprised she would give me another extension, but I emailed her back saying that I really couldn't work on the assignment any longer as I was already behind in my other subjects from being sick.

The presentation turned out alright, I got higher marks than Michael and Matt but since the presentation is marked as a group, it's a Credit. When we got our report back, Ambica took me aside and told me that the final mark she's given for the assignment is a 43, however this mark will not be mine, mine will show a Credit because both her and the Unit leader know that I did the majority of the work and they want to see me pass. I was relieved but also kinda frustrated that two of my grades have relied on group work and the same group at that. Coupled with my Distinction for assignment one, I'm hoping to excel in the exam to balance out my grades to at least a Distinction.

Visual Communication has been such a disappointment this semester. I don't really feel that I learnt anything in VisCom this semester. We learnt some pen tool functions but that's about it. Haven't got marks back yet for design brief 4 but so far straight Credits for the other three design briefs. Yay for no exam for VisCom!

Exams start on Friday with Computer Programming at 2.30pm, followed by Systems 9.30am on Wednesday and finally IT in Organisations at 2.30pm on Thursday.

Aside from exam prep, I've had some good time catching up on my shows and playing more of FFXIII. It's sad that most of the things I watch are all done for the season. Matt Damon's cameo in 30 Rock was pretty fun. I do like Wesley, however at the moment there's a lot of his arrogance and not a lot of his charm showing through.
spoilersCollapse )

Criminal Minds has ended for another season and I'm glad that Hotchner is still around. Extremely disappointed AJ Cook who plays JJ on the show has now been cut from the show for financial reason. This is the first character cut in six seasons of the show that I'm actually really upset over ;o; Desperate Housewives I'm kinda surprised has picked up in latter half of season 6. I'm actually picking up the current season of Deadliest Catch, which I've always enjoyed but just random episodes. Before FlashForward went on break, I felt the show started slowing a little. Wasn't really enjoying it but I have to admit the second half of the season picked up and kept me entertained again. DISAPPOINTED that this show has been cancelled. VERY disappointed. Glee seemed to lose a little of it's spark towards the end of the season, I felt the finale was a bit of a let down, the Madonna episode was by far my favourite episode show wise. Big <3s to have Neil Patrick Harris on the show though. That man is a God.

Although I'm still loving How I Met Your Mother, I'm starting to get impatient about wanting to see who the mother is ;o;! My day is not complete without my daily fix of MasterChef. I love how the show has been set up with the mystery box and invention test on a Sunday, pressure test for lowest performers from invention test on Monday, celebrity chef match for the winner of invention test on Tuesday, team challenge on Wednesday, elimination round for losers of the team challenge then Masterclass of the judges/hosts cooking with the themes throughout the week! I miss cooking so much ;o; Merlin continues not to disappoint me one bit. <3 Project Runway season ended a while ago too, as did the The Apprentice where Bret Michaels won ;3.

The finale for season 1 of Sparticus Blood and Sand was a bit rushed but I did really enjoy the season as a whole. Looks like there will be a prequel of sorts to Sparticus airing the start of 2011, showing the rise of the House of Bartiatus, starring of course John Hannah and Lucy Lawless as Andy Whitfield who stars as Sparticus, just finished his cancer treatment and is on the recovery so they've had to delay season 2. So You Think You Can Dance AU Season 3, I was really happy with who won, happy with the runner up too, cos come on, Jessie is a gorgeous tall redhead, nom. Watching the American season now which is a little odd with only 10 competitors and "All Star" non-competing partners, bringing back some old SYTYCD favourites.

The Good Wife is not has nail biting and enthralling as some of my other shows but it's my dosage of law procedure shows. Julianna Margulies is aging so gracefully. Season 2 of United States of Tara was pretty good. A couple of new alters, some interesting new twists and dynamics. The thing that I don't really like about the show is because it's only half hour long and only with 12 episodes per season, I crave too much for it.

I've picked up a few new shows on Mike's recommendations: Persons Unknown, a mystery thriller that gives me a bit of a Silent Hill vibe, really loving this show. I'm also really digging Gravity a comedy/drama following a suicide survivors group. The Good Guys is alright too. Coupled with new True Blood that started up this weekend (lol werewolves), new Burn Notice, there's still not a lot really to watch. I have a few things backlogged to watch though so I'll be alright.

In Final Fantasy XIII, I'm up to Chapter 8 now. Still moving fairly slowly and starting to want to upgrade my weapons though it's recommended for me not to until another one of the stores opens up to me. It's really strange for me playing Lightning as a Ravager since I really do prefer her as a Commando but I guess my final group will end up being Lightning, Fang, Vanille.

1 gym badge to go in Platinum. So over Pokemon, don't know how I'm going to feel when I finish Platinum and start Soul Silver ;o;

I was thinking about getting a DSi XL or LL in a couple of months but now with the announcement of the 3DS at E3, I'm thinking I might just wait it out. 3DS is scheduled to release before March 2011. So if I was thinking of upgrading in the next few months, it wouldn't be long before it was outdated again ;o;.

In WoW, Mike has been working hard towards getting me my ICC 10 drake since he now has two. I only need heroic Sindragosa which I will hopefully get on Friday so I can finally crack 10,000 achievement points D: . I've also been doing ToC 5 and the Argent Tournement dailys every day to finish getting all the mounts from there. I'm doing pretty well, only need 250ish more for the last 3 horde side mounts I'm missing.

I'll be relieved to finish all my exams and start packing and planning for Mike's visit which I really haven't done much of yet. Excited but oh so nervous.

Going to get some rest so I can wake up and cram and revise some more. Although this isn't my horrid subject (Systems), wish me luck!

mini update

I haven't written in forever, gomen!

Uni is going kinda okies. Systems I'm actually doing semi well in now, VisCom I've given up with, though being able to work on Felicia's revamping for my character design brief was pretty cool. Programming is still awesome though a lot of material in such a short period of time, and IT in Organisations is kinda bleh cos of group work but oh well...

Exams are like in a month ARGH

Mike will be here in less than two months <3~

Seeing a nutritionist and a physical phisiologist to help me more with my weight loss under doctor's advice. ;o; and here I was happy with the 20kgs~ I've lost since I moved back to my parents. But further onwards and downwards!

Been playing lots of pokémon with the girls. I'm hoping to start playing Platinum and move my Platinum pokémon to my Diamond game, then move my Diamond stuff over to SoulSilver when I get it. Hella poor though ;o;

I also wanted to get a couple of bento things since I'm making lunch to bring to Uni everyday again (see, poor).

Still haven't got back to FFXIII yet ;o;

Apr. 15th, 2010

Intense week! After lazy assing through Easter break, this week was so full.

Last Friday, we were going to see How To Train a Dragon, however because we ended up meeting up late, couldn't make the final session screening at Hoyts MC (6.50pm...on a Friday night...seriously?!?). So we ended up going back to Ruu's, spending lots of time boring Ruu as the trio of us yapped on about Pokemon and traded one another. I haven't got a lot back yet, however I have some investments coming in! ;3

On Sunday I got to catch up with Jacq, have a lovely chat about work, France and boys. My dad's birthday was uh, yesterday, so my family had a big get together on Sunday to celebrate. Had a good time with the kids. They're growing up so fast! Boyfriend talk and VCE stress argh!

On Tuesday I had my Computer Programming Mid Semester Test. I did well I think, though I know I made small errors throughout my codes, like forgetting semi colons or forgetting to capitalise or lowercase (BECAUSE JAVA IS CASE SENSITIVE, you'd think I'd remember to check my cases by now) so I hope I won't lose too many marks and still keep up my HDs. I also had to hand in my IT in Organisations assignment that day. I think it's alright, I wish I had spent more time on it because I think I could have done a bit better but I would be really disappointed if I didn't at least get a D, though I imagine I should still manage a HD for it.

VisCom on Wednesday was actually pretti cool. Got a lot of time to do sketch work for my 2nd brief which is character design. I've decided to take this opportunity to work hard on the revamping for Felicia that I've been aiming to do for the last year or few. Bleh and having to draw 20-30 pages by hand of facial expressions, poses and gestures and bleh at profile views since I can't seem to draw in them. I should really borrow a tablet from Uni and start to produce the digital piece since I actually enjoy all the hand drawn stuff that I need to hand in with this brief. Grades for VisCom brief 1 is spose to be out by today or end of the week, still not up yet D:

I also attended a Basic Photography class with the Photography club on Wednesday. Unfortunately it was a Campus Connect (a place for people to meet other people and have fun doing random activities) event rather than a Photography club event. This meant they glazed over more complicated terminology on the powerpoint that was for the Photography club Basic class that I missed a few weeks ago, talked a lot more on basics and Points and Shoots instead of SLRs. It was really good though since I don't know a lot. I really want to be more involved with them, hopefully help cover some events this year with them.

Today I started the day with my Computer Systems test. I'm a little disappointed with myself. I think I did enough to get more than 60 and to be honest I'd be happy with a C. That way I can pray my marks in VisCom, IT in Organisations and Programming pull up my Systems mark >w< To be honest, I'd be surprised if I got anything more than 65 D: sigh I hate Math

Tomolo I have an Editting Photography class which means I miss How to Train a Dragon ;( but afterwards I head to the City and catch up with my lovelies again...for more Pokemon training xD~

Talking about Pokemon, I was looking at the DSi XL, it looks amazing but I can't really justify the $300 for the bigger screen. I think I'll start playing Crystal on my R4 to get the Crystal pokemon and legendaries, then perhaps save up for Soul Silver and move everything over to that ;o Fuu-chan said I could perhaps trade with her GBAs too :O

So I was looking through the different 20th Anniversary Final Fantasy artbooks there are since there's so many and I kinda want them all. It was this image of a revamped Rydia from FFIV that made me just swoon and say I needed to get the artbook (though this is pretty cool too!). But! I'll be a good girl and not get anything, I want to save for Mike's visit, and I have a big bill to pay to Chi-sama when the big order comes through~

I found this while looking at the FF stuff, doesn't he kinda remind you of Hope? Here is a proper picture of Arc. Maybe it's just me...

Might actually get to play more FFXIII this weekend! Has it already been two weeks since I last did?!?
I'm lazy. omg. halp

I forgot to mention that Ruu made a very interesting observation when I was introducing her to OCRemix. To Zanarkand, opening for Final Fantasy X (link if you need a reference, bonus Yuri AMV!) sounds a little like Ame Agari, 2nd ending theme of Angelic Layer (link). God I miss Angelic Layer. ;o; I so wanted to get that Buranshe cosplay done. And the Atashi. Too many half done cosplay attempts~
After so much waiting I had totally forgotten about it, my Limited Edition Eminence Night of Fantasia 2009 CD/DVDs arrived today!

I think the shipping listed on my receipt must have been for the whole batch...^^;;;;;;;;

I'm stunned reading the Wiki page for Eminence. They recorded the Odin Sphere OST? Romeo x Juliet anime music? Diablo III announcement and trailer music? Echoes of War: Music of Blizzard Entertainment O_O? WOW they're doing awesome.

Been so lazy, must get into study mode.

How to Train a Dragon on Friday with the gals, lunch with Jacq on Sunday
Happy Easter ;)

Looks like I'll be playing Pokémon again as Fuu and Choompz are obsessively playing it and between them playing Pearl and Platinum, they're missing the Diamond exclusives, which is what I was playing. Kinda ;x that I was hyped up about it 6 months ago and playing with Mike and now they're finally playing it. If anyone else would like to trade with us, please just send me your friend code ;3. I think Fuu is after a strong team while Choompz and I are trying to complete the Pokédex (you know how OCD I am with perfect games)

Been so lazy so far with study! Only really started on my IT in Organisations assignment, still have to revise for Programming mid semester and the Unit test for Systems (which I understand so little of).

Been playing more FFXIII. The upgrading system confuzzles me. Although I kinda get the concept, I don't know practically what to do. I guess I'll have to save and meddle with it sometime. I don't have a lot of gil right now anyway.

Yesternigh the gals and I went to see Cop Out. It was actually pretty funny. We carted back to Fuu's where we had a little more Super Mario Bros fun before nomming on some fried rice Fuu's Mom made for us, all while listening to Fuu and Choompz yap about Pokémon. A few of Choompz's eggs hatched while we were at Fuu's and it was funny watching her gush like a new mother what had just hatched out of it. She's a bit of whip cracker with demanding her breeding pairs for more eggs though!

Ruu picked up Orange Box for PS3 for $25 yesternigh which is awesome. I'll have to bring my PS3 up when Mike visits since now I'm starting to have a bunch of games he loves and he can play/show me since hehe, you know me, I don't play much that doesn't involve me healing. So far I'm bringing FFXIII, Bioshock and Orange Box. Nom. Ruu is awesome.

Need to catch up with Jacq this week, still need to work out the details and it looks like the girls and I are seeing How to Train a Dragon on Friday.
I am sick. Ever since Tuesday night when my body refused to let me sleep at all so I ended up unintentionally pulling an all nighter and fell asleep a few times during VisCom. D: Started with just runny noise. Added a sore, scratchy throat. Today added coughing and hacking. sigh.

Thursday I had to go into Uni for 2 hours for IT in Organisations lab where we played an online game teaching us about supply chains in teams. It was actually extremely fun, I wish we could have played more with it.

Today it was just Ruu and I since Tonni had to cancel ;( We went to Springy since it was open and ate at the Japanese place in Springvale Central. Sigh. So I forgive the non Japanese waiting staff at the place since the food is alright and it's the only Japanese place in Springy...but still. Under the Bentou section on the menu, they had a chirashi set so I ordered that and Ruu ordered the Salmon Don. I got a plate with lettuce covered in some sort of sauce with...6 pieces of salmon on it. That's all. Why the hell is it in the bentou section then and not the salad section? Or even sushi section? *rolls eyes* Ruu got dished a salmon udon (guess Udon and Don is similar...). Entertaining place, we were somewhat amused by it but the food was edible so I'm not crossing the restaurant off my list yet.

Mike has urged me to pick up Spartacus Blood and Sand since I have been digging Lucy Lawless' recent acting, like Tricia Helfer, from Battlestar Galactica and Burn Notice. He says Lucy is divine in this show and plays a redhead, which is one of my weaknesses in women (I need a man, but doesn't mean I don't appreciate the female form. The likes of Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson and all redheads are on my list to name a few).

12.5 hours into FFXIII now. I reallllllly want a Serah necklace. Maybe in the future ;3 I miss my lionheart ring and gunblade on my necklace. I kinda even miss being cut and stabbed by my gunblade when I slept. Another sharp necklace is what I need. Also must get OST, gorgeous theme song is stuck in my head

Ish, an old friend from Japanese class at MacRob buzzed me on FB the other night to catch up. I was really moved as she apologised for not trying to reconnect to me sooner but had thought of me often over the years. Had a really nice chat, mostly about me which I felt was weird but I guess a lot has happened since MacRob to me. She wants to catch up when she's back from her trip overseas which will be kinda cool. Ruu said that you bumped into her yesteryear Fuu-chan?

Cop Out tomolo with the girls. Perhaps something with Jacq on Monday, perhaps dinner with the gals on Monday. Apparently my family is celebrating my Dad's birthday Sunday week...that I just found out about through my niece on FB. Seriously, be nice to know if people are gate crashing the house.
at Uni so can't write much. First design brief for VisComm is done, I'll upload a copy soon to share. I got my mark for my Computer Programming today. YAY FOR HD! Just another 2.75-3.75 years of this to go. <3 Java~

Been a frustrating week with Mike's sleeping hours thrown into chaos meaning we have little time to talk together. On short periods of time away from each other, I'm motivated and will do my homework and some so that when he's available we can play together but I find when it's long periods, I just get unmotivated -_-;;

No progress in FFXIII this week ;o; Hopefully this weekend.

On Friday, I went to see Tripod vs the Dragon with Ruu, Fuu, Choompz, Nee-chan, Aaron, kitsunesakurano and 5hi_tenshi. Ruu shouted the night for me cos I was a hopeless poor loser ;o; We started the night with dinner at Tomodachi at MC which was nom nom. Choompz lost her wallet and having lost my wallet way too many times, I know the stress and frustration that comes with it. No luck so far with it turning up. I'm here for you if you need me Choompz! The Tripod show was fantastic as expected, the DnD content hilarious with lots of inside jokes. Elana Stone who played the Dragon was a true gem. I have both the Tripod vs the Dragon CD and Elana Stone's album on my playlist at the moment and loving them both. Favourite song from the show is probably Gelatinous Love though Ivory Tower and perhaps even On Paper come very very close, and my favourite song from Elana's new album is probably Pirate Song, even though I'm a ninja girl.

Had a mad fun Thursday night with the old Seal Cub Hugging Club gang randomly on WoW when they decided at like 1am ish? to do Algalon 10, Sarth 3D 10, Undying 10 and Onyxia More Whelps 10. By that point it was nearing 5am and they wanted to go do Yoggster but I wasn't so keen due to the time. Made some good gold from selling an Algalon 10 spot though ;)

Slowly starting to plan out details for Mike's visit, like cooking, transport etc

Little bit behind in watching things at the moment. Haven't watched the latest few offerings for FlashForward, Desperate Housewives, So You Think You Can Dance etc. I have only been keeping up to date with Project Runway (currently screening season 7) and the new Apprentice (9, celebrity season 3). Oh and The United States of Tara has restarted, God I love this show. Need to grab the new 30 Rock episodes off Ruu's portal HDD. Glee starts up soon too :OOOOOOO

Meeting with a lovely girl from WoW who I've been getting close to, Tonni, on Friday. Seeing Cop Out with the gals on Saturday.